Flash Attack 2 DVD


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Flash Attack 2 stars the body beautiful Flash Rios returning his second match – this time against newcomer Slade Steel.

Flash returns wearing the same small tight yellow Speedo that he wears low on the hips showing ample package. The feedback we received from his recent first match against Sky Davis overwhelmingly demanded more of Flash Rios in his skimpy yellow suit… so here we go.

The match opens with Flash warming up on the mat showing off his “ass”ets when Slade Steel appears wearing a tight purple Speedo that compliments his tanned muscular body. The Speedo accentuates his thick muscular thighs which are the base of his solid shoulders and thick pecs.

They lockup and already Flash is struggling – Slade has some game and a mouth on him, taunting Flash to make a move and do something. Everything Flash delivers – Slade counters putting Flash on display for our eager eyes to enjoy. Slade gets Flash into a leg scissors, then an arm scissors – but with all the struggling Flash is suffering from he is panting for air. Slade locks Flash’s head into a tight head scissors…. “Your all talk – no show”… well in our opinion he has plenty of “SHOW!” Body beautiful suffering and on display makes for great “show”….

Slade pull Flash up by the hair and catches him in a bearhug… further restricting his breathing. Ab claws, crotch claws while straddled and pinned down on the mat with his arm locked at his sides continues Flash’s suffering on display.

This is pretty much a one sided match with Slade repeatedly working over Flash while showcasing his suffering for the camera. No question Slade enjoyed making Flash suffer and enjoyed being filmed while doing it.

A couple more matches under Slade’s belt will no doubt deliver a nasty heel who enjoys making pretty boys suffer.

Flash Attack 2 DVD

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    Product Type DVD
    SKU 602422326852
    Director Ron Sexton
    Studio Can-Am
    Release Date Apr 11, 2018
    Video Length 30 Minutes
    Cast Flash Rios, Slade Steele
    Category Gay